down in the dumps today

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Aug 15, 2006
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Dr visit was ok,but confirmed I gotta stay on chemo for the rest of my life,however long that may be.. I'm so much better off than a lot of people,but this is my own personal me.... Can't go back to work,couldn't get insurance and working would cause me to lose medicade/care whichever ....
If it'll rain I'll feel better~~there's something about rain that heals my a chance tomorrow.
When I feel better I'll look for some kind of volenteer work---I GOTTA get out of this house!!!!!! "Buzzy" (powerchair) helps.
I'll feel better tomorrow,know I will..
Peg, hang in there. It will be a better day tomorrow and if not tomorrow the next one. Gotta keep believing! Take Buzzy for a ride outside.....
Yeah,gonna go for a ride,look at the flowers and the river-chase the squrrels.....weed the potted/bucketed plants
i know what your going though is tough an rough.but hang in there an dont give up.retirement can be fun if you let it.
I am kinda down in the dumps myself today. Cloudy day, miss Mom... She always loved Easter.

It's supposed to rain here Sunday. Maybe you all can get some of that.

Hang in there, Peg. Any day above ground is a good day.
peg4x4":1tpkuqkl said:
Yeah,gonna go for a ride,look at the flowers and the river-chase the squrrels.....weed the potted/bucketed plants

You have good plans for the day, Have a good one. 8)
Ah Peg, that's too bad. I know you were hoping to be done with chemo..Have a nice day scooting around and next time you should take and post some pics of all your findings.. :)
love to take photos of here,really is a pretty little town..lots of old houses dripping with "carpenters lace" don't have a proper camera yet..guess that's gonna be my next adventure..did buy a printer,havent hooked that up yet..
Peg, I love that sig line, I think everything makes my clothes "shrink" . Thanks for the laugh .

Thanks all,some better today--bought myself an unbirthday present--a rose nightlight-it looks real.. the squrrels all know me now,and they all run toward the river,hopeing I'll follow :lol2: Have a spot on my ear that's bothering me some..Dr said it looks like a small skin cancer- :( we'll see if a bandage and antibiotic will help..My hair seems to be comeing back :banana:
Gonna have ham,greens,sweet potatoes,and cornbread,with cherry pie for "afters" Easter Sunday..that should really cheer me up!!
went to the park,took sunflower seed for birds/squrrels..I'm gonna sneek up on those tree rats and chase them around,but gotta get their trust first--then I suppose they'll be way to cute to chase--something wrong with my plan---then I motered to 2nt Sat downtown..Lots of stuff,bought a tiedye "do-rag",got a free chair massage,made a chiropratic app.and had my palm read..seems I have a couple of odd lines on my hands(good ones) Was supposed to be 75f,but was cold even for me.. Met lots of folks I hadn't seen for quite a while..they all said "When are you comeing back to H.E.B" made me feel good..

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