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Son of Butch

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Aug 30, 2010
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Frost Bite Falls, Minnesota ... fer-lemay/

Yesterday Minneapolis Police responded to a home security alarm the home owner's 2 teenage daughters accidentally
tripped returning home from a camping trip, and ended up shooting the owners 2 dogs in the fenced in backyard.

I watched the shooting captured by the home owners back yard security camera.
The 2 dogs slowly approached the black cop (who was clearly afraid of the dogs) in a somewhat friendly manner,
wagging their tails. He pulled his gun and shot both dogs.
I thought to myself, why didn't he just fire a shot up in the air? I think they would have coward away.
OR better yet, he could have exited the fenced in backyard through the gate behind him.

Cops have the right to protect themselves and in my opinion the cop was clearly scared (for no good reason)
but he over reacted in shooting the dogs.
We sure seem to have a lot of cops that are easily spooked... they were coming straight at me!

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