Does anyone have knowledge of this bull?

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Yep know him but probably not well enough to comment.
I haven't used him, but wouldn't either.

Would you say he would work if you planned not to keep heifers from him and use him on mature cows for a terminal progeny?

I own a grandson of Bushrangers out of Rocky Branch Lacey who is on that website as a calf. And the sire is the bull MH Express.
I can not speak to this bull specificly but if I had an interest in a Shorthorn bull with a zero milk epd I would do more research before I ruled him out as a sire of replacements.First of all the true Shorthorn is a heavier milking animal on avg.than most breeds and a 0 epd might be just about right for a lot of operations.Second would be that most U.S.Shorthorn epd's have very low accuracies and can be misleading.
These figures probably show as good as anything why not to use the bull...

Basically in this graph you want to see the bars on the right hand side more than the left...

Birth weight is just below average, but the growth is WAY below average... into negative figures which decrease from 200 day through to 600 day.

Not to mention the carcase weight, EMA and RBY. At least according to this he has positive fat and good IMF

JMO. I can give you the names of some good Aussie bulls if you are looking for semen. :p
Not many. The breeder in the link Keren has provided is the closet one along with one of there neighbors down the street that has a different line of Shorthorns.

That semen is conveniant and available locally. So, I had considered it because my calves are all terminal. But I do need them to be at very good weights at or around 12-15 months. I can see in the graph that he wouldn't be good for my operation even for terminal calves. Thank you very much for your advise.
I have tried using the link you provided to look up M H Express(*x4094299) and have not had any sucess. Can you find anything on your end?
Sorry Barnscoop, I'm not familiar with that bull so can't help you.

I know of several Aussie sires available in the US and Canada at present that would be useful for you, as either terminal or replacements. Only one or two are available through semen companies however, alot of the others are being marketed by individuals.

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