dieing calfs

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We have had two calfs die this year. The first was found dead for a couple of days. Unfortunately have not been able to determine the cow, none showed interest when we removed it. The second was born to a 4 year old during the night. Found it the next morning. Both found within 50 yards of feed rings. 3 healthy calves at 2-3 weeks now. another 15 cows yet to birth. Is there anything I can do differntly?:(
cows are inspected and given shots every year. This is only the second year we have had this group of cows. We lost one last year. Do I need to confine them more or less. They do not seem to wonder far from the feed rings and water as did our old heard to calve.
Read an article that recommends moving feeders 60' between bales. Supposed to decrease the contamination. What the magic number of 60' is escapes me., But we also move the feeders each bale.


sillco":kzrn14u5 said:
I would at least move the hay rings to fresh ground away from the infected area. I always feed my cattle in a different spot each day, especially during calving season.

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