Death of calf

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I am puzzled as to the death of a calf. I had a purebred bull calf born at a large Royal show just over one week ago. He was full term, no delivery problems,suckled well,returned home well,two days ago looked a little sad but never caused me concern as it had been frosty and then followed by a drizzly day. His mother was noted with a full udder which obviously had not been sucked today. The calf was located,listless,with offensive bowel action with blood (it was not scours as we usually see it). He was very cold, temperature of 36.8c He was panting, he was dead within 1 1/2 hours. Could he have caught a bug of some description whilst at the show? He was at the show for 3 days before coming home. Can anyone help with our dilemma?

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