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Feb 24, 2007
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I posted on here about that 25 yo mare that we were given that gave up the ghost this spring.

Husband swore no more horses. well that didn't quite work out that way.
Was at a friends who raises, trains and sometimes buys horses. Had my daughter with me. the friend had gotten over the winter a little chestnut blaze faced gelding. She had a young neighbor girl riding him.
My daughter loves horses, but has some fear of them.
Well she got in the round pen with this horse and started leading him around, getting him to stop, everything. The horse followed her everywhere and kept his head low to the ground right behind her. We got her to get up and sit on his back for awhile.
Friend was asking $1200 for him.
Went home and asked the hubby to take a look. He wasn't real crazy about the idea. A little horse trading went and we swapped 2 yearling steers for him.

This picture was taken just the other day as my daughter rode him around the corral by herself for the first time. :D :D


She does need some riding lessons though. Not too bad for a 6 year old horse.
My son has ridden him and likes him too.
But he likes this big boy too. My horse Handy.

I love that little gelding his attitude,the care he's taking of his rider..Like the other one also.
He does really good for her Peg. We are glad we got him. :D
That big one my son is on is a great horse too. He is 4.
Came home one day, hubby was suppose to be watching our daughter, but there she was in the pasture with the horses hanging onto his tail and he was slowly walking up the hill with her behind. :shock:
He is real careful with both of my kids.
peg is right don't sell them ever. i had one that did that and i sold him to a beginer and he is living the sweet life now. he gave many lessons in our pasture! and both of your horses look good. whats the new boys name?? he looks identical to my mare all the way down to the stocking.
I don't think we ever will. I know there is always a big demand for kid horses like these 2, but we love them both too much to sell them.
The little guy is called Chester. I call him Chestie for short since my husbands horse is also called Chester. :D :lol2: Stops the confusion.

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