Dams having 2nd calves sooner than usual

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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
Most of the herd runs with the bull yearly so I understand the dams calving earlier. Still usually the 1st calving heifer dams are slower breeding back than the cows. This year they are dropping their 2nd calves really earlier than expected, I'm really shocked how fast they bred back. Out doing the cows that's in their prime. My Movin Forward female I got from Sunset View really surprised me this evening. She took off across the pasture leaving the herd and me, I thought where is she going. Maybe to the water trough, nope passed it up. Well maybe to the mineral feeder, nope passed it up as well. Where is she going, I'd better follow. I hope she hasn't aborted because I wasn't thinking she was due yet for her 2nd calf. Well she went right to a pretty black heifer calf laying in a spot of blackberry biers. She really came on quick and delivered a nice one. I gave her a treat, she deserved it.
Thanks. Wish I could have had some pics to go with it but didn't take the camera with me. The little heifer looks just like momma. I would have liked daddy's blaze but those solid black beauties are cute too.
Sounds like those 2nd calvers are good, fertile mommas. Glad you found a new, healthy calf. That's the kind of surprises I like.
We have a May 15 heifer so 20 months old at calving, that had a calf in January sired by Uno Mas( we are showing her as a pair this year). She is bred back to calve in December to Pays to Dream. She looks fantastic, and is doing a great job feeding her calf and growing herself! Since we decided to show her as a pair, we are giving her a few pounds of DDG's at night to keep her in good condition, but honestly I do not think she needs it!

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