cow with "bottle jaw" ?

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I have a ten year old cow that is getting thinner despite eating plenty of feed. She has a pouch of fluid under her chin that looks like "bottle jaw" that comes and goes. Her manure is very watery. She seems to feel good. I wormed the herd with safeguard blocks about 6 weeks ago and that doesn't seem to have helped her. She has a 3 month old calf on her as well. Should I giver her antibiotics? What kind? What else should I do? Thanks for any advise.
I'm not an expert, but this sounds exactly like what I've read about Johne's Disease. If it is, there's nothing you can do for the cow. If you find one sick cow in a herd, chances are many more are infected and not showing the signs yet. Johne's is shed by affected cows, whether they appear sick or not. I would get a vet out there to test for it as soon as possible.

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