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I bought a light weight heifer about 4 months ago.She has put on very little weight and she sticks her toungue out and coughs once in a while.all the other heifers i got have outgrown her about 1/3 as much any ideals

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My first question is she able to have nose to nose contact with the rest of your animals?? if she is move her ASAP!!! We had a pen of calves come down with a viral pnemonia horrible the start to act clueless blind start to limp then hang out tongues and slobber like crazy if this sounds like what your heifer has she will contaminate the rest of the herd through a thin shelled capsule of disease that can be transfered through nose contact, water, or feed. We lost over ten percent of the pen to this disease simply because there is only a medication that masks it not cures it. Best of luck Jake

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