Coffee shop closed

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Mar 7, 2016
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Fencemans place...central Texas
We you can still go in and get coffee and a breakfast burrito and leave. But the council of about a dozen or so that sits and shares their infinite wisdom is shut down. I've worked hard to earn my chair and the hour or so of free time in the morning.... we've got farmers and ranchers, a real estate man,a concrete man, a sheep and goat man, a mortgage man, a lawman and a democratic. Everyone is at the top of their field , a real expert. All you have to do is ask them. ..this is getting ridiculous.
I'm getting on of those giant commercial coffee pots today and putting in the shop....if you know my gate code your invited for coffee in the morning...
Coffee shop been closed here for about a week. I haven't talked to any of the regulars but I am betting they have worn a hole in the carpet pacing, wondering what to do in the morning.

The last thing I ever want in the morning is a big group of people and idle chit-chat.

I'll take dead silence and strong coffee anyday.
A lot of world problems gets solved at Hardees every morning although I very seldom attend. I went through there last night and only the drive through was open.
I have coffee with my step father every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8am in his office. He's scared of getting sick on a good day so he's been even more uptight about this. I have not sat with him in almost 2 weeks.

Today i will have a noon beer with him around the fire. I haven't been in contact with anyone in 6 days now. My son has a cold. Not the bad kind, but he's freaking everyone out so we have isolated.

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