Coated vs. non-coated alfalfa seed?

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Jan 4, 2006
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Southern Michigan
Trying to decide if I want to buy my normal coated Garst seed which actually after some figuring has alot less seed per bag by the way I figure, or am I missing something on this. Now I know why when I rented the no-till drill last year I had to run the ground again cause I could not get enough seed through. Would I be better off to buy a non-coated seed?
In my area most agree that No-tilling Alfalfa is pretty risky, it needs soil contact. Secondly, I planted 2 different clovers this spring, 1 at $120 per bag and 1 cost me $150 per bag. The higher priced clover was "Apron" coated, this means it has some nutrients and other things to help the seedling get started healthier. Long story short I could have planted the higher priced seed at 1/2 the rate and still had a much better stand than the cheaper seed! There are more seeds in a bag of uncoated seed, but the theory is that with "Apron" coated seed you actually get more Plants per bag. When I seed clover this fall it will be the $150 per bag clover at 1/2 my normal seeding rate. When I plant oats and Alfalfa when it's dry here it will be an "Apron" coated Alfalfa for sure. If you can't get the Alfalfa you want or if you want to try something new I am an independant seed dealer and would be willing to sell and ship you seed if you want to try something new. Apron coating is not the same as pre-innoculated. Be sure you know which one you are getting. I hope this helps.

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