Charolais nostalgia

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
Here are some pictures of pictures of some of my Charolais from the early 90's.
Skinny kid is me as teen, with an around 9 month old bull calf that I bought. He broke his shoulder after being out with cows for about a month, he had bred all the cows and left some good daughters.
The big bull walking by in another picture was another purchased bull a couple years later. He was an ET calf from a National Champion bull and reserve National Champion female. He was if I remember a yearling frame 11. Decent bull, for terminal calves, but his pedigree could take the milk out of a Holstein. BW was high too, had several 120# and a couple 135# calves.9930E123-8419-4F78-B497-620CA6C412C9.jpeg92841EE8-95B5-4FB2-ADD4-681A05A29048.jpegE0FB05E3-86F7-4370-9035-4E9FF5F5CF11.jpeg7B4DDE4A-7DB7-4870-A60D-6CBA0636FEEB.jpeg
ky hills, it looks like you had some very nice Charolais. Are you still breeding them or have you gone another direction?
Thanks, That was many years ago. I phased out my registered herd in the mid 90's. Got hit with a double whammy of a hard calving bull, and the market bottomed out for anything not Angus around here. Now I don't even have anything with Charolais influence. Recently been kicking around the idea of bringing in a Charolais bull at some point, and did look at one a year or so ago, but went with a Simmental instead.
I still say that Charolais are a good breed with individuals that can do anything any other breed can. I have always believed that as long as calving ease is present, they are are the best breed to cross with. They just seem to cross good with about any breed.
I am doing pretty good with them so far. I have a few older cows, which are not full breeds with 3 registered Charolais bulls, two years ago purchased a herd of registered calves. Very few are brought to the sale barn most are sold to individuals, wanting to mix the heifers with an Angus bull.
I sat through a lot of feeder cattle at the sale yesterday. There were lots of 20 to 40 head where a quarter to half the calves were Char crosses. They sold at the top of the market. B runs about 25 char bulls and 15 Angus bulls. Back in November his calves topped the sale in about every weight class. He doesn't keep any Char heifers as replacements.

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