Charolais/Hereford Cross Bull

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Mar 21, 2009
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Does anyone breed Charolais/Hereford Cross? I am looking for a good quality bull to put on angus cows.
I am in Georgia, but I am aware I might need to purchase fromTexas or Midwest for a bull of this breeding. Any information would be appreciated.

Your best bet is breed those Angus cows to a Hereford bull and then breed the resulting baldie cows to a easy calving Charolais bull.
i agree with Arron..i've bred char/herford for several years..good cross.. however, a neighbor and mentor of mine has crossed char cows with a braford bull and produced the best looking replacement heifers I have ever seen...they are exposed now to an angus bull..i expect outstanding results...if you are in georgia, a tiny touch of ear is not a bad thing...
these 2 are right ,,,,if you dont have the angus cows yet....brangus momas and charolais bull gives a big BANG for the buck
All my purebred Char cows are Hereford cross :shock: ask Gene-e. :cowboy:

Charolais Hereford does make a good cross. Never seen a "rat tail"
I've got a buddy that' crossing a registered Charolais bull on f-1 braford cows and talk about retained vigor, those are some of the finest calves from day one to market that I've ever seen.
Super yellow baldies!
I would have to agree with just using a purebred hereford, but I've got some bull calves coming on. Mommas are charolais x angus and sire is polled hereford. They won't do anybody any good for at least another year though :lol: They won't be bulls for much longer either.

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