Charolais bulls

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I have seen some daughters from RC Charlie they looked pretty decent and seemed to milk well. The Sparrows bull I have no idea about and the last bull don't know much about but DeBruckers have good cattle. What are you looking for out of these bulls? What are your cows out of (Charolais momma cows) or just cross bred and looking to add a terminal sire?
I was looking at ai stud sires for a stud herd. Just sort of looking around at the moment. We liked Charlie because he looked very correct, well muscled, good bone etc so we thought of him as a bull that would throw good structure in heifers to be used as replacements. Sparrow we thought had potential although he wasn't completely correct. We thought putting him over some correct cows would possibly throw some thick deep bulls. We liked the all over look of sentinal.
Try looking at the Charolais Bulls at they have more Charolais Bulls than anyone. For heifers I have used JWK Choice Plus from select sires. They make good cows but don't like his bull calves, also Baldridge Kojack is a good choice also on Heifers he is dead and hard to find semen. Like his calves. For growth Schurtop Rancher, Gridmaker, SR/NC Field Rep, and several others, for Replacement females Cigar, Duke 914, Budsmydad, Smokester, WR Benefit are all really good female making bulls that will milk really well. I personally used LT Cheyenne Blend this year on my cows and a Rambur bred bull on my heifers that a friend of mine owns. Seen lots of different pedagrees of charolais cattle so if I can help you just let me know.

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