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Hey, need to build a catch pen but only have 2 steers now and plan to add 4 more in the next month. What would you guys do? Hate to build something elaborate but will if I need to. What about a simple pen w/ a gate that swings against the inside to hold them in a corner? I've seen that a time or two....thanks.

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When we had to be on lease property and did not wan to invest a great deal we did it. My husband is a builder and engineer. We used 6" diameter posts sunk 3 foot down, used (used) 2X6 lumber for the inside planking, cut and braced 4 inch sections where a tail pipe could slide through, bracings on the outside of chute area, with a small swing door that could close and animal off and let someone in behind to palpate or breed, we used a Powder River Self catching head gate, but any other can be used, just remember, the width of you catch alley needs to be compatible with your head gate. For your swing gate I recommend using the heavier guag pipe gate as they will bend them if they are lighter. The 2X6 board reduce light and should be spaced 4 inches apart in the event you ever have to climb in or out. You can get used sections of pipe from a plumer, for safe tail pipes, or bars. I recommend at least 7 feet in height for your top board, if they can look over they may also try and climb over!

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