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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
I over watered a plant in my living room and it leaked a dark yucky mess onto my precious carpet.

I have tried 3 different cleaners and oxidized and still can't get it out after steam cleaning.

Any other useful suggestions besides ripping it out. It is a quite an expensive carpet that has wool fibers in it.

Happens frequently. Don't have any cleaning soloutions. Hopefully it isn't so large that a larger pot or drip pan won't cover it up. No one else needs to know what is under the pot. :p

If it is to large for a bigger pot, how about a small rug or mat that matches your decor under the plant? Your know to protect the carpet and to hide the uh-oh.. :nod:
There is a product called Bypass and it is really great stuff. Hard to find here, don't know if you will be able to find it in Canada. Last time I found it was at a TrueValue hardware store. Might work?
You have a steamcleaner? Or you just have something bought from Wally World or such? After you've tried everything and it still don't work, call someone like Stanley Steamer or someone that has that type of equipment.

It is amazing what "professional" equipment can do that homeowner equipment can't.
We have found putting about a 1/2 bottle of ammonia to what ever the amount of fluid a rug shampooer holds. The rug shampooer should be the kind that you rent. The 1/2 bottle of ammonia is about 1/2 pint. Make sure you test for colorfastness first. You need to keep the windows and doors open, The flumes are pretty strong. After shampooing, make sure room is aired out. We do not use the shampoo stuff that they recommend for the shampooer. I believe we used rug doctor, if you have a shampooer that hold what the rug doctor holds that should be okay.
Thanks everyone, I guess I will try ammonia. I cleaned it 2 more times again and got most out except for a small stain about 1' x 2' .

Stupid plant,,,,,stupid me.. I forgot to water it with all that had been going on with Steff and the FIL from Holland here and when I did it went right though the plant.

I have a professional steam cleaner , the kind that you would rent from stores. I just do not want to ruin the carpet as like I said it is made up of real wool fibers.
Almost any 'safe' cleaner will eventually leave a bleached stain on carpet. When a stain remover seems to have worked perfectly on the carpet, it never fails that when the pros come steam clean, the spot lightens up!
Bissell spot bot, resolve carpet cleaner, heck any stains I have if resolve doesnt work on em I hit it with the bissell spot bot and its outta there cod.

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