JL Trent..some help please.

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Jul 5, 2012
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Copperas Cove Tx
A 'friend' of mine brought me a 180c with the bar tensioner gear all apart and can't figure out how to get it back together.
I can't figure he was able to get it off the way he did. This isn't a pic of his, but I can explain how his looks.

Part A is still on the gear.
Part B is not on Part A any more.
The little line at the bottom of Part A signifies where it is bent up at right angels of where it should be..in other words, it now has a little 'ear' bent upwards.
(He claims a cow stepped on the bar..but it's bent worse than any bar I ever saw, so I suspect he really ran over it with his truck)
How do I get the tensioner gear back together?
I'd have to lend him the money to buy 'em and I'm not sure he'll live long enough to pay me back..... (We aren't that close friends)
Those don't work very good even when new. I would fix it right as this kit is as good as OEM. Insert the bar stud, chain adjuster, put a bumper spike on, new clutch cover and two bar nuts and it is much better. If in good shape sell the tool-less bar cover and it will cover the cost. Here are some tool-less covers that have sold recently.......



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