Can't fix stupid

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Feb 6, 2006
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Bowie Texas
Now I believe a year or two ago we had a thread something like this.But we have a lot of new members since.
I also know that some of us don't like to own up to the stupid things we have done in our life.
But we have all done some stupid things drunk or sober.
I think it would be interesting to hear some of the stories.
It might just bring out the true Redneck in some of us. :lol: :lol:

One of my stupid moves.
Years ago when I was sixteen,I and my buddy went to a county fair and they had a stunt driver preforming.
He had a ramp made and hit it about 30mi an hour or so and the car went up on its right two wheels and he went the distant of the track that way.
I thought this would be an easy to do thing,so me and buddy built a ramp in the cow pasture.
I had a 48 ford coup. Instead of thirty I decided to try for about 50mph.Didn't work for me.
Man you wanna talk about the awfullist bunch of metal crunching,dirt and grass flying,I had never been in anything like that before.The car wound up on it's top with it caved in to the top of the seats.I don't think we salvaged one piece off of it.
Some how I wound up in the back seat.and they had to roll the car back on the wheels and cut part of the top and pull it back with a tractor to get me out.
Wound up with several bruises,a broken arm and three cracked ribs.
I can't say if I was just gifted or what,but I had several of these STUPID things to creep into my growing up.



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Jan 6, 2009
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Lavaca county, Texas
I guess if we're trying to top that I have one about some other teen agers.

We're sittin out on the front porch one afternoon, clear, sunny, warm dry day when we heard this God awful crunching sound. Got up to see what had happened and saw it. Two car loads of teens playing chicken and neither driver chickened out. By the time the ambulances got there we had three of the six or seven extricated from the vehicles using one of the tractors and some stout chain. Brought another tractor down and litterally pulled the car apart so paramedics could get to a couple more.

Long story short, out of the seven (three in a PU) two died, three permantly crippled, two lived and one of those two died a few years later in a similar event. The engine of the PU was sittin about where the front of the bed would normally be. The Dodge car engine was in the back seat.

Talk about DUMB!!!