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I luv herfrds":2ecv6if1 said:
What type of pattern is best for going from the sagebrush plains to the evergreen mountains?

Assuming you are looking at deer or antelope hunting.

Ever see how a coyote looks in both situations?

I tossed cammo patterns years ago and went with a pair of medium dark grey pants and a medium light grey shirt / or similar coat - my hat is a light wool watch cap - toque to Canucks that is grey in colour

Sit still in any almost any type of country and you will be very difficult to pick out - I hunt from deep green bush to light yellow grasslands and nearly everything in the middle.

Did a nice turkey this way two years ago - he walked right up to me - kept my face covered with my arm while I watched him - I was sitting cross legged in brown and green grass about 18 - 20 inches high.

If there is snow I run a few vertical lines squiggly of black spray paint on my clothes - no more than three on the front and back each - and no more than two inches wide.

It works like a hot darn in almost any condition - and Wily Coyote proved it to me - I watched him and stole the idea from him

Or spend the bucks - but I have done a lot of hunting and had deer within range to touch with a hockey stick while in my "street clothes"

What ever you choose - hope you have fun

Your sage cammo will be just fine in the mountains. There is such a variety of vegetation in those Montana Mountains that any pattern of earth tone cammo works good. Still it's movement and wind direction you need to be concerned about. The best effort and cammo won't work if the deer or elk get a scent of you.
What are you going after? I know it won't be lopes in the mountains.
I assume your going after Elk, being you have abundant deer on the ranch. I bow hunted ELK in the Highwoods a quite a few times in the 80's and 90's ain't no prettier mountains anywhere.
One thing about mountain and woodland cammo. Use a fleece to minimize noise.
I luv herfrds":2q77kngf said:
I would like to get a tag and go after some "prairie goats" a.k.a. antelope. :D

:heart: Herfs, Too late for 09, applications had to be in by June 1 for Antelope. And Trust me, you ain't gonna find Antelope, [prairie goats in the mountains. They are 100% open country critters, They will go into rough sage country, but it has to be open.
mnmt got a pretty good size herd of them out in our strips. Going to see if they still issue a 900 tag. With that one you can hunt antelope all season, but only with a bow. No rifle at all on this one.

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