Calving season 2023 has started.

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Second baldie calf out of a registered Hereford cow . Bill payer as we call bull calves .
Third calf out of a first calf heifer . She looked to be doing good and didn't want me anywhere around her new baby . I'll catch and tag tomorrow. Maybe 🤠
Past two years we have left bull in instead of pulling. Normally we put bull in in June for late March and mostly April calves . Then Back in in November for 90 days . We were having more fall calves than spring calves so we decided to do this . We have moved our august and September cows to June and worse yet July last year . So I hope they will be more May and June calving this year . Only thing is our March and April cows have all move up to Jan and February. Most of our cows are on a 10 month cycle of calving. We are definitely pulling the bulls this year !
Didn't get a pic of the last one born today but did get it tagged . Got stuck trying to get through a wet place in the pasture trying to check on mommas and babies .
This is where the 3rd calf was before I disturbed momma and she carried him out into the pasture. It's a bill payer . First pic I tried to tag it's a heifer and it and mom went over the hill . Middle pic momma had this one bedded about 20 feet from the edge/ bluff of Sand Mtn so I didn't disturb it . We've had one years ago the went off the bluff and it was no fun carrying it back up . Thankfully it went off in a safe place and not shear rock .


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Here's a better picture of the little white face you could barely see in the tall grass . 2nd calf purebred Hereford momma . She's one of the best heifers we have raised the last few years . I love those black baldies!


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4 new ones this morning, Rained all night and must of been the barometric pressure. Not a full moon , 🤔 , might have just been time .


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Did mama just drop a load and that's residual steam? Nice pair.
Probably rain or fog on my phone , tractor 🚜 window and / or both . No , but it looks that way ! Lol I have another pic of her eating the afterbirth but some folks acted like they were offended the last time I posted one like that !

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