Calving season 2023 has started.

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Most recent baby worth a picture. Mom is half angus half simme . She's had 5 solid black calves and now this baby . All out of registered black angus bull . And yes she will get you ! Belongs to my 11 yr old granddaughter. Named after her kindergarten teacher , Miss Potts .38B93F30-A9D5-465A-92DC-FD5CA472905C.jpeg
Ya think?!? If looks could kill . . . .
Last time we had her in the catch pen , I opened the gate to let her and another cow out . She decided she needed to give me some practice on my fence climbing. I told my granddaughter the next time she was in the pen she was gone . She hasn't been back in the pen and then she moves up a month and drops another calf .

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