Calving almost done

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Really like that cow in the second pic (the one with a little white on her udder). How is she bred? Nice calf beside her, too.
The second cow is a Connealy Forward x SAF Connection the baby calf is out of a walking bull Sydgen Process 4648. Her maternal sisters are the top cow and the third cow from the top (that pic is mostly calf but the cow is eating out of the protein lick to the right. Actually the Forward daughters heifer last year is the top pick in the replacement heifer post.. That Calf is out of Sydgen Black Diamond.
Thanks GM. The calves listed in order from the top are by:
1. Sydgen Process 4648
2.Sydgen Process 4648
3. Sydgen RockStar
4. Sydgen Process 4648
5. Sydgen RockStar

The Replacements (from top)
1. Sydgen Black Diamond
2. Connealy Courage
3. (from left) CF Prime Minister, Sydgen Black Diamond, Sydgen Black Diamond, Sydgen Trust, Connealy Courage. 4 more not pictured.
Very good looking set of cows you have. I would be very proud to own that one day. Dam good work!

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