Calf with angry rash

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May 30, 2004
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Victoria, Australia
One of our 3 week old calves has come down with a nasty rash extending from the middle of its belly and running down the inside of both back legs.All the hair is gone on the affected areas and the skin is red.Onset was only a couple of days,its still drinking milk at a great rate and does not seem to be suffering in any way.It is not kicking at or licking the affected area and my mentor farmer mate says its almost certainly not ringworm because of the location of the rash.He was banded at 4 days and the area surrounding the band looks inflamed.At present we are applying a salacylic acid (sorry about spelling) base ointment.
Just guessing here... reaction to the rubber of the band? Infection from being banded? I would give some long acting pennicillin, or a SQ dose of NuFlour, and see if it doesn't clear up. Does he have a temp?
Dee,you may be right about the bands,threre is 3 bull calves @ 3 weeks old that have now got the same rash.They are in a pen with 3 heifers the same age and they are in perfect health.We will stick to the ointment and give 2ml of pennicilin daily for 5 days and keep our fingers crossed. :D
Might want to check with your Vet.

Penicillin is a great drug when used for "Target" problems. Don't think it is a cureall for all that ills.

"Diagnose Problem ----> Prescribe Appropriate Rx -----> Treat Problem"
There IS a form a ringworm/skin fungus that affects the animal primarily on the belly and insides of the legs, I've seen calves, horses, dogs, cats, and even rabbits with it.
Since it's only the steers that are affected, and area around the band is inflamed, I would wonder about the bands having been contaminated, maybe they brought a fungus with them.

Your best bet is to have your vet out and do a skin scraping and find out exactly what you're dealing with, before it spreads to the other calves.

Ann B

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