Calf sneaks suckle from other cows

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Got a 2 month old bull calf on a first calf heifer. He seems to think the herd is his buffet. Other calves are one month or less and he is taking their milk. The cows being robbed (from the rear usually) don't seem to push him away. Is this a problem?

I put him and his mom in a small pasture by themselves for a few days. He nurses his mother there okay. She looks good.
Sometimes calves rob other cows because they're not getting enough to eat from their mother (not a good milk producer, mastitis, cracked teats and kicking calf off, etc).
However, some calves are just opportunistic little rascals and will grab a snack from the closest cow that doesn't knock him off the teat.
As long as his mom isn't having health problems, I generally don't worry about. Heck, one year a cow that had lost her calf succeeded in talking old 26E's calf into sucking her as well. Two moms sounded great to him. And did he come home hog fat in the fall!
Like the man suggested though, if you think it's a huge problem, seperate them from the herd. Otherwise, don't sweat the small stuff.
Good luck.
is he angus they are notorious for stealing milk from other cows. unless he is dragging down the other calves it won't hurt too bad. i have seen little orphan calves survive very well by being good at borrowing from others.

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