Buying full bloom Alfalfa hay ?

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
Looking at buying a shed full of mature - - not dairy quality - - course first cutting alfalfa hay for third trimester cows. Seller wants a premium over grass hay, but feed value tables say full bloom alfalfa has a bit more protein but about the same TDN as grass. Where would you value it compared to upland grass hay?
I would wonder what the difference is in the fiber number between this hay and dairy quality. The market report here has about $30-$40 dollar difference per ton between premium (dairy quality) and good/fair (feeder quality). I see grass hay advertised for roughly the same dollars as feeder quality alfalfa.
Usually full bloom alfalfa isn't particularly palatable. It has a tendency to drop leaves as it is being put up more so than more immature alfalfas. If you do buy it I would recommend grinding it.

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