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Feb 14, 2004
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Central Texas
Ok.. I'm feeling lucky this evening! Just went out and took pictures of this Simmental bull, would like your opinions please! He just turned one year old five days ago.

he is a nice looking long bodied bull.he has alot of room to grow.i can tell he is going tobe a big bull.
I'll be more specific. I'm horribly partial to this bull, and would like to market him in the next couple of months. He's got a fantastic disposition, and he's out of a really good "old style" cow of mine. I want to know what type of cattle you would specifically market him to?

I'm afraid he's going to be big also, although he wasn't a big calf. His EPD's: CE 7.1 BW 1.4 WW 35.8 YW 61.4 MCE 4.8 MM 4.8 MWW 22.7

I'd just like to find him a good home, with a cow herd that will result in good calves from him.

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