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Dec 19, 2016
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I would like to hear some ideas on brome hay field. I bought the land next to me last year. It has a beautiful 10 acre stand of brome that I baled last May and pastured some in the fall. The soil was up to test and I haven't fertilized it. Triple 19 fertilizer is 395 a ton. I am considering 200 lbs. per acre. Is this to much? Will it respond just as we'll to less than that, I could put my money in other fields if I did. I have never dealt with brome before. Cows loved it. Thanks.
Cow do like it if it doesn't get too mature (like anything)... 200 lbs an acre does sound like quite a bit, though I don't apply any, my neighbors do at 80lb/ac... Here's a bump for the thread anyhow :)
Yes, too much.

There is some variation in the fertilizer response by different types of grass, but usually the best response comes from small doses of N when moisture is not limiting. Traditionally 50# N actual / acre / application for straight grass, and less than 40# N actual if there is legume in the mix.
How long after applying granular fertilizer, is it safe for animals to be on it?

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