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One of my Brangus heifers had her first calf this year without any help. Although she came into heat twice before she was bred and she did the same this year we thought she was bred on 4-7-03, but she came back into heat on 6-10-03. I was wondering if this could be a sign of lepto and I was wondering if I gave her a shot would it hurt her or her unborn calf since she was just bred again??

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it could be a problem with your bull, or one of several viral infections or diseases. your vet can pull blood from her and send it off and tell you if she has a disease. sometimes a heifer won't breed back until the calf is older or pulled from her. her first priority is to give milk for her calf, 2nd priority is to get the necessary nutrients for herself, last priority for her is to get bred back. she will take care of her calf and herself first.

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