First time heifers. Time to think about breeding season.

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The reason I never ai two yr olds is they are my highest risk group. They also are my highest value group. If I miss a heat or use semen that is of lesser quality now it is on her to make up for that. I want my 3 yr olds on time. I own good enough bulls to make it so that 75%+ of my 3 yr olds calve first cycle.
Got it, thanks for reply. I do not own bulls (just one) and thats another reAson I want to ai
Hi folks, quick question...have anyone tried to use angus bull on hereford cow? what can one expect from this kind of cross?
Very informative video on cross-breeding from the Univ of Iowa. At about 11:20, there is a chart that the guy explains, that shows how far p[art genetically different cattle breeds are. The Angus and Hereford are further part than any other British breeds, meaning the highest level of hybrid vigor. A LOT of people in the US breed Angus and Hereford to get these black baldies. The calves wil grow out bigger and faster than puree Hereford or pure Angus will. and black baldies make great brood cows. You get all of the traits that make Angus superior, and all of the good traits of the Hereford....namely the docility and exceptional mothering. What you don't get is the negatives of Hereford, like udder, eye and foot problems. I'd rather have a herd of Angus cows and use a polled, CE Hereford bull, than a herd of Herefords and an Angus bull, but the cross is great either way.

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