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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
Very nice. I was curious why ya tube fed him.
What was the sire?
Did ya weigh him?
We typically tube feed pulled calves, just to make sure they get some colostrum quickly, as they are often stressed and slower to get up and move about. This calf’s head was a little swollen which can make it hard for them to nurse. We didn’t weigh him. The sire was a Hereford bull that that when we bought him was promoted as a calving ease bull that you could breed black heifers to and sleep all night. Not quite true. Turns out the bull was the result of a fire and ice mating. His sire was a calving ease bull but the cow was a > +5 BW. Last year the calves tended to be just average sized out cows so when our CE Angus bull got hurt we put this bull with 8 heifers. The first heifer calved a while back on her own with a small calf, then we found a large calf up and going from a cow yesterday and then this monster calf tonight.

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