Bottle Jaw?

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Jan 19, 2020
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West Central AR
Got a cow with what looks like bottle jaw. I gave it a dose of ivermectin and fed it safeguard pellets along with LA 300 yesterday. Maybe too much medicine at once or bad combo. This morning she had loose stool but not like straight water. It had a different smell to it. Not terribly smelly. Like a faint odor of rotten eggs or something. She has a 2.5 month old calf. Sorry about the bad pic
What is her BCS?
Looks like bottle jaw, but could be an abscess that ruptured.
Just be careful dbl dosing wormer. I had a very similar case. Pretty sure I killed her with an over dose of two different wormers.
TCRanch said:
Does it feel hard or squishy? Could be a number of things, including hardware. Any other symptoms?
Definitely squishy. It has went down but she still doesn't feel good. She is eating and drinking while not pooping herself to death

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