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Sep 9, 2009
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Free Rent ,VA
The other post about Christmas presents inspired me to post this.... I want to thank all that donate blood and those that wish they could but can't for providing me with the best Christmas Present I can and ever received. The present was an extra 10 months with my grandmother. When donating you may wonder where is this blood going and does it really help. The answer is of course it helps and it helped my family. We often donate and wonder who it goes to... Those blood donations in our case went to us an average farming family. Thanks again for you all that donate.

Merry Christmas :santa:
I tried a number of times, but apparently I have a high platelet count, because about half the time the blood would clot in the tube going to the bag before it got full and they'd have to throw it away. So I quit trying that, and started going to the place where they'd hook me up to the machine and get red blood cells, plasma, and maybe other stuff. However, the last time I tried that they couldn't get it to flow either, but I need to go back and let them try again. I'll try to do that over the holidays.
You are welcome Sky I just hope they didn't charge you an arm and a leg for mine. I didn't charge a dime for it.
I've only done it once but that's because it isn't conveinent where I live.They had a blood drive set up outside a rehab fac
ility where my father in law was.My son went and I said"Why not"?
It's a great thing to do.My FIL had a rare blood type and had given in the gallons over the years.
I don't know how much my wife got in '98 but I'm glad someone gave it.
TCRanch wrote "I've given blood 3 times - and made a spectacle of myself by passing out, every time. Awkward!"

Don't feel bad. I have given many gallons over the years. I was in Viet Nam and in the medical end. I saw and did a lot of nasty stuff. So the first time I gave blood I was going to observe their technique. I got wobbly too, this was MY blood. So now I just look the other way and no problem.
I've gave blood twice, I've passed out or nearly passed out both times. I'm the same way I can help you if you're bleeding, but if it's mine... I'm out, literally! Lol
Thanks to those who can and do!
Merry Christmas!
My wife has given gallons of blood. When she first started donating she passed out. They had to revive her and give her something to eat and drink before she could leave the area.

The article in the local paper asking for donations said do not eat before donating, so she didn't. Turns out the information wasn't correct, and her 110# weight accentuated to problem.

Here's what the Red Cross says, "Drink an extra 16 oz. of water or nonalcoholic fluids before the donation. Eat a healthy meal before your donation. Avoid fatty foods, such as hamburgers, fries or ice cream before donating."

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