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Venting the gas through a tube down the throat, venting the gas via a needle or trocar and canuular. For forthy bloat sometimes administering mineral oil will help

dunmovin farms

> What would the treatment be for
> bloat in a cow?
First off, there's two kinds of bloat. One is a free gas bloat, such as the kind you get with rumen atony or grain overload. You pass a tube or trocharize the rumen to get rid of the gas then go after the causing problem. The second is frothy bloat. This is a stable foam which you have to break up before you can remove the gas. The best products break down the foam, such as dioctyl sodium succinate. I personally wouldn't use mineral oil, since it doesn't do that much to the foam. Using a small amount of detergent (ie dishwashing liquid) is supposed to have a wonderful effect on it....but I've never used it, since I use the good stuff ie DSS. Some of these animals will be found dead, some down before help can be given. Once the bloat is cured/corrected, figure out the cause and correct that! Good Luck. V

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