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I had a calf die yesterday. It was born on Monday, I brought it in Tuesday as it was feverish and weak.

Upon closer examination, I found blood drops on it's ears, neck and nose. I thought I had injured it slightly when bringing it in. It also had tons of mucous from it's mouth and nose.

I treated it with penicillian, gave it milk replacer, got mom in. It sucked the bottle, but would not get up on it's own. Even for a sick calf, it acted stupid, dull, stiff. Mom is a good mom, but I never saw the calf nurse at all, or really try too.

Yesterday afternoon it was dead. It had a bloody nose and had bled from it's eye. It was only one eye and nostril on the same side of it's head. No blood in manure or urine that I could tell.

Mom had been vaccinated the day before birth with Cattlemaster 4+, 7 way clostridal and pink eye.

I don't know if it had a disease, or maybe it had some kind of head injury from a birth injury or what. Any ideas?

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Sounds really odd, if you still have the calf, I would get it to a vet to submit to a lab for a post mort. exam, or necropsy, this will help determine if this is something you need to worry about.

I don't think it was you vaccinations, but really if it were me I would vaccinate 75-90 days before calving and again 45-60 days post calving, so you get ammunity in the 3rd trimester and you get the good and covered before breeding. I use nearly the same vaccines, Cattle Master 4+VL5 & Vision or Fortress 8,

Good Luck, Michelle

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