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Jan 7, 2004
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West TX
How is the best way to get a colt to take a bit so that he will always want to take one? I have an older horse that open wide every time and have to that take an act of congress. I don't want to get this colt to hating it.
If it is cold out, warm the bit in your hands first, and/or add a drop of honey on the center. Place your finger in the corner of his mouth (where the bit will sit) and thumb on bottom jaw.... press slightly to open mouth. After a few times he'll look forward to the honey bit and then you can stop the honey. That's what worked for me training the young ones.
We offer them sugar cubes and ease the bit in. Once the bit is in we give them a few more sugar cubes. We do the same thing when we take them out.
I have to agree with kjerckie. Honey has always worked for me. So much so that is now a standard MO when bitting up the young'uns.

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