Birthing by Moon Phase

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Mar 4, 2015
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Central Texas
Hate waiting for cows to calve. 2 ladies, My mother in law, and a live in baby sitter(retired nurse) said cows birth closer to a full moon. I just thought this too superstitious crud. The nurse said she had more ladies in the hospital in labor on full moon nights. I thought they were crazy. The last 2 birthed on a full moon night so I googled it and a research said there are a higher percentage of births on a full moon. Pretty wierd. Thought this girl was waiting for it cause so far my vet has been off about 2 weeks. This girl has been leaking for weeks and bagged up but still nothing. I hate waiting for babies. She's had dingleberries hanging off the last 2 weeks so it's hard to see if her plug has come out. She did get pretty aggressive last night so I think it's close.
We wean by the moon phase/Farmers Almanac Best Days. I have absolutely no clue if the predictions are accurate but the bawling has never lasted more than a couple days (for the majority of the calves) and have only had to treat one.

And yes, did she calve?
We have bred 3 cows all at the same time and had them calve over a 2 week period. Obviously the moon phase didn;t mean a whole lot to them
Full and new moon has impacts on almost every aspect of life. Spend some winters at sea and it becomes pretty obvious. Some of the worst winter weather systems build on a moon change. Watch the tropical systems coming off the coast of Africa and moving into Atlantic in late summer. Many more tropical systems start developing around a New or Full Moon than other times. Moon controls tides and currents which affect weather and atmospheric pressure. Weather affects everything.

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