Beverly Hillbillies??

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Ellie May

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Jan 4, 2004
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Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee
Does anybody know where I can buy Beverly Hillbillies the movie?? I've looked at Walmart but they don't have it? And the Mall? That movie was great! Anybody else think so?
Ellie May
Ellie you are setting yourself up with that question. I thought you were Ellie May Clampett actually. You know with the goats, pigs and all that other stuff. Not to mention your name. Hey I've got a pet alligator. You need one for the concrete pond?
Try Blockbuster or Hastings for the movie. I note that you have cows, goats, etc. but if you need some coons, opossums, squirrels and other such critters I can provide them at no charge, as long as I can go for a swim in your cement pond and sit down for a meal at the fancy eatin table.
No joke we've had coons, opposums, & squirrels. We've raised a bunch & sent them free. My favorite was rocky a huge racoon we had. We even had a fawn one year. My dad use to log alot still runs a lumber yard but doesn't log hisself anyways he sometimes would find them & bring them home. Most of the time on accident he would cut a tree down & would have to bring them home.
Ellie May
I'm sure this summer I could get you a baby bobcat or two. We always seem to stumble upon a few of those in the old broken down farmsteads we have on some of our places.
My cousin kept the last two for the past year they only let us two touch them even then they are kinda scary. They sure keep the rats out of their old chicken coop though. lol
Yeah they'd take your whole arm not just your hand. I got to hunt them a few years back with some relatives from TX. They were something else the boar they shot weighed dang near more than all of us put together. Not to mention the tusks.
I've seen some big ones, but the meanest wasn't the biggest. The meanest was about 300 lbs. My bulldogs went in to latch on and when they did, that rank thing started shaking his head. Razor tusks were flyin all over. When the deed was done one of my bulldogs needed forty staples to get closed up. The hog went on about his business. A couple months later I bought my oldest son a new Remington 700 in .243 for his birthday. We found that same hog out rootin that night. My son took a shot at him and the hog lifted his head and looked at us, then walked away. We rode for a minute and saw him again. My son shot. The hog just kept on walking. By this time the boy was gettin his shirt tail cut off like it or not. Anyway we kept on ridin and later that night found the hog laying. He'd been hit both times square in the boiler room. His shields kept the bullet from penetrating, but luckily one of his ribs cracked and punctured his lung. My bulldog was in the back of the truck smiling from ear to ear. So was the boy that was missing a shirt tail. Needless to say he's dyeing to upgrade to 7MM Mag. or 7MM-08 already. I'm not sure if he realizes how bad a 7 Mag is going to thump his shoulder!

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