barb's frist mule ride

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Jan 14, 2006
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i talked barb in to riding with me, she hadnt rode in years had never rode a mule, i told her, its a beautiful fall day lets not waste it so off we went i put her on stormmie amber's little mare, she was the last one i had rode, just so barb could get the feel and find her balance, while i rode maudie just to ride the bugs out. with that mule there never is any bugs but putting someone on her who doesnt ride she might just decide to mess with her a little bit just for some mule humor .. now getting barb up there on that big ol gal took some thought ! we used a step ladder ! worked great. maudie is used to me riding her bare back using what ever i have handy . tailgate of truck . tree stump. another mule lol. so the laddle was no big deal. maudie wont move till you give her rein and leg cues, because of the kids climbing on her for years.
barb had a good ride . hopefully well hit some trails this spring. was truly a good mule day.
Cule mule ! Looks like fun.

I've always wondered about the temperament of mules. I know there are good, bad, and ugly individuals in all species, but how would you say mules compare to horses generally? :?:
I am gonna get me a pair of saddle mules before I die. I just think that mules are the coolest thing going.

I used to climb of the fence to get on my horse's back when I was little. Blondie would walk by and would stand by the fence while I got on her back. I coulldn't have been more than five. She'd walk me around the pens and I'd climb back off where we started.
I took my first ride back in the forties while grandpa plowed the garden. Some things just seem to stick in your mind. Must have made a big impression.