Baldy, brockle, freckle........

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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
The attached site is of a heifer sired by a Polled Hereford, KCF Bennett E153 out of a red carrier black Angus cow. The calf is sired by the Red Angus bull Basin 79E. The facial markings on these to is uncanny. But all of Bennetts calves have the same markings. The full brother to this heifer was so similar that when looking at pictures of the two you couldn't easily tell them apart.
Last year we had a heifer out of a baldy heifer that was out of a registered Polled Hereford cow and sired by BC HOBO, Red Angus. When bred to the Red Angus bull HLH Buster the calf didn't have a single white hair on it. She's due to calf by this weekend, bred again to a Red Angus, be interesting to see what kind of markings this one has.

You need to use a Longhorn bull. Gaudy paint job and calving ease


Campground Cattle":1kx65z90 said:
Good looking cattle, I just like mine painted a little more.
The first key is genetics.


Jake":2s4jpf6b said:
I looked around at the rest of your cattle and they looked like a good set of mamas!
Never figured out how to cook them horns rare enough for my taste.


Campground Cattle":3s8iqhxi said:
Think I will stick with Herefords can't sell horns.
jfont":24a7k70x said:
I wish my barn yard was as nice as yours. It's been raining so much down here this winter, you talk about a mess.
Nice looking animals.

I just wish I could find my barn yard- So much snow I can't remember what it looks like. Been a long long winter. And its snowed again all day.

I agree Dun- nice looking cows, even though they're red. I like the markings around the calfs eyes. When I pick replacement heifers, I sort by size and cow history first- then if it comes down to pick and choose the next criteria is keep the baldies. Then if I have to cull more into the baldies, I keep the ones with "raccon eyes" - the black going up around the eyes.
Things won't look the same in the morning. They're threatening a coule of inches of rain, that will turn it all to a sea of mud.

Some clarification is in order. A while back there was a discussion of BWF/(RWF), baldies and brockle faces. The picture was posted to clarify what I had commented on about each animal being different as to the amount of Hereford required to keep the various traits.
But thanks to all about the comments on the cows.
She is actually what we condsider one of the middle of the herd cows/heifers, some better a few not quite as good. She has the potential, now we just need to see if she lives up to it.


jfont":2wo2s5ud said:
I wish my barn yard was as nice as yours. It's been raining so much down here this winter, you talk about a mess.
Nice looking animals.

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