B/R Destination gdaughters frame/pelvic

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Apr 16, 2014
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Southeast Missouri
Guys and gals, I have a handful of these heifers that I am preparing to breed in a couple of months. I don't have scales here yet so I am eyeballing their weight, lets call them 720. They haven't grown in frame like I thought that they would, so that is making me a little nervous in what they are gonna pelvic measure. Most are cycling, one may have cycled once a month and a half ago, not noticed since. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this line, and what you're experience was with their frame size and measurement on smaller frame size heifers? Not necessarily narrow type, 1's and 2's, just shorter overall. I have talked with the breeder and he said they should mature at about 1300. And is there anything you can add about the B/R Destination cattle in general?
928 or 630? either way they're good cattle. Both are solid on CEM and both are pretty well known for making fertile daughters that stick around. I wouldn't hesitate to breed them.
I had two 928 daughters. Both grew out smaller frame than I expected, but nothing like the little N Bar Prime Time daughters did. Not 1300#... maybe 1100, tops.

Both cycled well and bred up at 15 months - unlike a LOT of the Angus-sired heifers we were raising at that time - and calved easily - though one had a leg back on her first calf, so required minor assistance. She initially refused to accept that calf and had to be penned with it, but within a day or two, she'd let anything in the herd suck her. Next year... she refused her own calf (she ended up being a bottle baby), but a day or two later, 'claimed' another cow's calf... and he ended up being a whopper, what with two mamas. She took a ride to town that fall.
The other 928 daughter is nothing much to look at;kind of nondescript little black cow with great disposition, who brings in one of the top calves, regardless of whether she's bred to Shorthorn or Simmental. Bred up well at 15 mo, and breeds back quickly. Wish I had a bunch more just like her; she ain't pretty, but she gets it done. .
That second one sounds good P! I guess we will see. Did you pelvic measure them before breeding, did it appear they were as small on the inside as they were on the outside?

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