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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
I have a huge favor for everyone tonight. Please include my grandparents in your prayers tonight.

This morning in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada where they live, it was such a great morning they decided to do what they loved the most. Ride their motorcycle around town. There was an accident. Someone ran a stop sign and ran into my grandparents. They were rushed to the hospital. My grandfather broke every rib, fractured parts of his spine (luckily no damage to the spinal cord), broke part of his hip, and a few other things. My grandmother had a torn aorta (main artery coming from the heart). My grandfather has to be on a respirator because the ribs are too damaged to move with the diaphragm. Originally he was in much worse condition. She was expected to have one surgery and be done, out of the hospital. Both were expected to survive. That was, until her surgery started. They found that her aorta tore much more. There was a lot of internal bleeding and blood clots in her lungs. She was immediatly flown to Calgary for emergency surgery. Here is the big problem. The doctor said there is a good chance she will die. If she survives the surgery, there is a really good chance she will be paralyzed. We all have a really bad feeling about this. I am asking for everyones prayers for my grandparents. It is doubtful that I will ever see my grandmother again. All I can do is hope that our prayers are answered.
My best to your grandparents and you. Please keep us posted.
Wishing our best for your grandparents. They will ne in our thoughts and prayers.

I agree with dun. Keep us posted on their condition.
We will also keep your family in our prayers. You've been on this board long enough to know there are a lot of good people here that will be praying for them and your family, even if they don't leave a post.

PUSH - Pray until something happens!
Two of us here are responding to your request for prayer for your grandparents.

Fit2btied has the right perspective. PUSH and do it with full faith.
Well, I have some good news, but everything isnt over yet. My grandmother got out of surgery successful, but the doctors have to wait for her to wake up and watch her for 12 hours before they can determine of any paralysis. Doctors also said they have never seen anyone survive this long with that amount of damage to the aorta. People usually bleed to death within a few hours after the accident when this happens. God has been watching over her and my grandfather. He was scheduled for surgery last night, but was bumped back. That is a good thing, because it means he is not serious enough to be top priority at the hospital. People more serious came in that had to be top priority.

Thank you for your prayers, but I know we are not out of the woods yet.
My prayers is to you and your grandparents. In the past 6 years there has been some very close calls in my family and they are the closest one to me. Obviously the prayers has worked because each time they have survived. I hope your grandparents sue the crap out of the guy who ran into them! I hope the man gets some good time in jail to think about his problems! Anyways, I will pray for your grandparents on and off today...Bye.
greenpasture78":273a4g4e said:
I hope your grandparents sue the be nice out of the guy who ran into them!
Accidents happen!! Who really cares about money at a time like this???? :cry: LIFE is what is important. You cannot put any dollar amount on that. Period.

As the old saying goes: "Prepare for the worst but hope & pray for the best." Many times accidents are 'wake-up calls'. DON'T take life for granted--its sooo easy to do!! You are already blessed, my grandfathers both passed away before I born and my grandmothers' before I was 20. :(
Prayer & Faith are powerful and wonderful. Everyday we have is a miracle. You're on my prayer list.
Keep us posted!!
My thoughts and prayers are with your Grandma and Grandpa, TX. I only wonder why they didn't send them both to the U of A hospital right there in Edmonton...(I've alot of family in that area, and they really have state of the art facilaties and staff there). Anyway, it sounds like they are receiving excellent care, and I hope you'll be able to send us some more positive news soon.

God bless you.

Take care.
Will pray for you and you Grandparents, hpoe you are dealing well with the stress of it all, it can take a huge tole on the body, best doctors are usually well worth the travel to get to
I will pray for your G-parents.
From what I read, Riding motorcycles, Sounds like they have a real Zest for life , and it will be hard to keep them down!!
My dad was diagnosed with 4th stage Kidney Cancer, Back in 2000, Doctors gave him less then a year, ( He' still Kicking!!)We ( Our family) had a lot of friends pray for him, and I know that is why he is still around!
Take care,
Bill :lol:

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