Too close for comfort.

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kenny thomas

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Nov 16, 2008
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SW tip of Virginia
Worked some cows for a friend this morning. She had 4 longhorn cows that i could see would be hard to catch in the headgate. I decided to just put them in the squeeze chute and work them. One of them hit the side bar release and opened one bar. I shoved her head back inside and closed the bar. She sling her head and the tip of the horn caught my nose. Blood flew everywhere. I thought she had hit my eye for a moment. Other than sore its ok but too close for comfort.20240428_161350.jpg
I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it was.
Horns are definitely dangerous.
I prefer to have all polled or dehorned cattle but we have two with horns currently.
That was close. I'm glad you were ok, compared to how bad that could have been. I'd say that hurt on the nose like that and bled pretty bad. Hard to do much of anything with those longhorns in a chute. That was always my concern with big horned cattle if they ran into a problem and needed something done with them.
Ouch ! Man sounds like you were lucky it didn't hit you in the eye . I think I get hurt these days every time I do something. Is that a sign of getting old ?
Let's see if a ring fits through it, what? Just sayin...

I have seen horns go through a lot of things.

Good to know the man of steel lives on.
I think we all should have stayed in bed today. You got hurt. Thankfully you're ok. I woke up to a herd of my cows out in a 45 acre field of nearly hip high ryegrass (made it real fun trying to run/walk/hobble through), neighbor had cows out, too, my bull butted the front fender in in my truck, wife's car tore up, etc. I've checked 3 times today to see if it's Friday the 13th. Sure seems like it! Again, I'm glad you're ok.
Had this one and about a dozen more in a pen made of about 6 of the flimsiest panels TSC sells to load. Standing straight in the trailer those tips touched both sides, 7' wide. At various times in the event those panels were on top of a set of horns traveling various directions. Really got lucky nobody got hurt. Glad you escaped with only minor injuries Kenny.


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Good grief.
Be careful old man!

I know that hurt like hell. I had a cow bang a big panel one time. My stupid face was right there to catch it. Thought for sure I was missing all my top front teeth it smarted so bad.
Another smart bump Kenny, glad that's all it was.

Did you start sawing horns off then?
A bump, bruise or scratch, that would not have been noticed 20 years ago, now seems to hurt more and leave a red whelp that lingers for days.
Just part of the joy of old age.

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