Another Buc-ees Thread

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Springfield, MO is also a destination for Lambert's. The only thing of note in Smith's Grove KY is Oak Hollow Angus, where I bought my last bull and will do so again. Buccee's is getting closer all the time, maybe they'll eventually make it to the backwaters of Southern Illinois.
Sad, and disgusting, yes. Proves that no matter the upbringing, the priviledges, there are sick individuals out there. Doesn't make the "product" ... ie... Buc ees, a bad thing. Just like the scandal over Subway and that guy Jarred.... but it still is a sign that our society in general has really gone off the rails with these younger people... there is something definitely lacking in the moral fiber for things like this, and then all the LBGTQ XYZ whatevers, the sexual deviant behaviours, and the infiltrating of the little kids to try to make being straight, heterosexual, something to be ashamed of. How do doctors in good conscience do physical mutilations on kids in the name of "gender reassignment" ..... that to me is as disgusting as anything.

Let an adult do it... but NOT a child that will change their mind 20 times before they figure out who and what they are.... and many haven't even done that by the time they are 25 nowadays....
Talking about sex to adults has become "sexual harassment"

But talking to children about it has become the norm....
I wouldn't doubt it. They still own the property and will look at the propossed site again in the future. Clarksville is a madhouse. Like driving in Paris.... almost.

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