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Jun 14, 2013
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Angus Expert Q #3 You are being called as an expert witness on Angus bulls.
You may only answer the question. You may not ask any questions.
Question #3 : Which is the best Angus bull available today that is NOT from Connealy or Schaff Angus? You must explain your answer.
Only contemporary bulls. Bulls with grandsons with A.I. companies would not be
I think Hoover Dam is a good all around bull that does a lot of things right: calving ease, good early growth, slick hair, good daughters.
Werner War Party. Growthy calves, broody females, great temperament.
Gar prophet if the mindset is terminal they grow well and the calves grade excellent. For replacements hoover dam
Would agree that if you're raising replacement females, Hoover Dam is hard to beat. Well proven now and he continues to be popular.
Hoover Dam. Great disposition, females are very good uddered and bull calves grow well. His son SS Niagara is one I really like. Combination of Hoover dam and 454. I used him this past fall.
I will be getting about 20 niagara calves in next two weeks. Should all be out of Summit daughters.
I agree, hoover dam daughters are pretty tough to beat. I have a few of them and couldnt be more pleased with them. Personally I really like the payweight 1682 and have had really good luck with him
Well, I really didn't think that much of Payweight from the ABS catalog but I saw a video of him and he is really impressive. I know that Charlo is very hot. His rear legs look so bizarre in his first directory photo. They have a much better photo of him now. His HP epd is -5 now which is not inspiring but his SC epd is well above average at 1.71. Before the HP epd everyone would have thought his daughters would have outstanding fertility.

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