A stroll down memory lane..

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Jul 11, 2009
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South Africa
We visited an old friend of my dad's the other day. He will turn 72 in September. He has a sheep farm in the Karoo and is a bit of a recluse. Anyway, after a rather awkward greeting he warmed to the idea of having visitors and invited us in for coffee. The farmhouse is big(8 bedrooms) and quite run down. We were seated around the kitchen table, it amazed me to see how spotless he kept his house, he has no help and stays on his own. He filled an old enamel kettle with water and placed it on a beautiful old(huge) Esse, which he fires up daily. Even though he has access to electricity, he uses it as backup only, preferring to be 'almost' self sufficient. We were asked if we had milk with our coffee and he proudly informed us that he milked the cow himself. We were offered rusks...also made by him. We sat around the table chatting and reminiscing for about two hours, it was getting late and we had to be on our way...

Ol' Gus convinced us otherwise, we had to take a walk 'just to see his veggie garden and Pecan nuts trees'. We ended up climbing the "koppie(hill) which is just behind the dwelling and outbuildings. On the other side the sun was setting over his manmade dam and expanse of veld. After spending some time at the water he took us to a natural spring he has on the property. Here we came across an old Wolseley engine(hand crank) which he uses for electricity and to irrigate. There was also a windmill slowly but surely pumping water into a cement dam. Onto the chickens(Buff Orpingtons) and then to the orchard...an amazing selection of fruit. It was about a 2 hour tour, we unfortunately did not have time to see his cattle and sheep. When we got back to the house he hauled out bottles of jam and canned fruit to take away with us...all preserved by himself.

We bade him farewell with the promise to return soon...

The visit brought back so many childhood memories...my parents had an the Esse stove, we used to sit around warming ourselves and reading books. The Wolseley we had on the farm with it's hand crank, how many times did I start that engine...it would have to switched off by eight at night though. Thanks to Gus for the journey!

Thought it would be great to share our memories...whether it is an old advert/song/photo, lets reminisce ;-)
Thanks! Will get pics next time I'm there :D

Nobody else going down memory lane?

Apparently I used to sing this song on top of my voice...my poor family :roll: :roll: :lol:

My dad sold his armature winding business in the 70's and bought a farm with a little cash to spare and no knowledge on farming. He would look around sales yards and go to auctions buying equipment that he would recondition...he was extremely handy with his hands. When he was not working he would have a piece of paper and a pen designing some or other thing. He would always show us what he was busy with and ask for our ideas ;-) . His first crop he planted was mealies, it rained well and it was a bumper crop...he was so proud. He had no combine and the mealies had to be hand picked by local workers and then threshed. He picked up an old run down Sunshine thresher and fixed it up.

One of the things he bought was a John Deere combine for the wheat. It was a really old 'bag' type so he converted it and built in a bin so that the wheat could just be dumped in a trailer and taken to the local silos. This was always great fun for my younger brother and I, we would get back from school and dad would take us to the lands with him. There we would ride on the combine, play in the wheat, shoot guinea fowl etc. He was setting the timing of the combine and a spanner slipped and with that his hand got caught in the fanbelt almost ripping off his thumb, it amazingly healed to to almost 100%.

And so through the years his things got bigger and better with experience...he loved fixing things :D

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