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Nov 29, 2006
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Was wondering if anyone has had much experiance with this bull? He has been on my short list for several years to use on my heifers.
Talking with some select sires reps, they claim this will be their last year to carry him. I'm affraid if i dont use him, his semen will start to creep up in cost. I keep my own replacements, and have seen some really nice cows out of him.
Are you talking Rito 6I6 of 4B20 6807?
I have never used him, but have really thought about it as he is moderate framed (5.2), and moderate across the board on EPD's...His high accuracy on CED 11 and low BW EPD- 0.3, should make him a good heifer bull...

The thing I always thought was 616's best trait was that he has long been promoted as a bull that will improve docility in cattle- and has one of the higher docility EPD's +29....
With any luck I'll know more by the end of the month. We have several cows bred to him.
I've always wanted a 6I6 bull, but everyone that I've found that tripped my trigger otherwise had terrible feet. Either crossed toes or laid back on the heels like a 10 year old holstein.
Reading this peaked my curiousity. Just got done flipping thru the Wehrman catalog laying beside the computer, sale is this Saturday. Out of 120 lots I didn't see a single bull sired by 6I6. Hmmm...
bad feet for sure and frail made as well. Need a stout, powerful cow that can really milk to make it work. bred lots of heifers with 6i6, he is a heifer bull, but just too frail and unsound for me.
We have 5 daughters in the herd, not a bad foot, or frail one among them. Good udders, great disposition. Super calving ease. Use him.
KMacGinley":31vzagx2 said:
We have 5 daughters in the herd, not a bad foot, or frail one among them. Good udders, great disposition. Super calving ease. Use him.

I thought about you as I was writing the other responses. If we ai'd our heifers, I'd either use 6I6 or Bennett Total. Mainly just to see for myself. After all, the bull is only half the calf.
I used him in 2003 and liked his daughters so much that I went back and used him the last 3 years. There isn't a bad footed one in the bunch. If you like effienct cows that raise a decent % of their body weight you will appreciate them. I have found he works best on my F1 baldies as the calves will have a little more substance to them. If on the other hand you like larger framed cows that grow until they are 5 years old you will not have much use for them.
Thanks for all the reply's, i had already made up my mind that i was going to use him, but i like to hear others experiences. He will be used on a set of comercial heifers that have 1/4 to 1/2 sim influence, so i think he will do a good job. I prefer to use those bulls with a 5 frame, if he is a little lighter boned the heifers should help with that.
We had a 6i6 heifer calf born in January. 63# birth weight, sweetest temperament you could imagine from a first calf heifer and growing like a weed. I'll try and get some pictures and post.

For folks with 6I6 calves, were they born early? Like 268 days?

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