32-0-0 fertilizer?

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Dec 31, 2008
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i had some 32-0-0 give to me and was wanting to know if someone can awnser my question.do you mix it with water or just spray it on just like it is .if you do mix it how much water and product do you mix thanks for the help
I guess you're talking about 32% liquid N. When I use liquid N, it's 19%. You just spray it or pour it or drip it on. It'll freeze up on your nozzle tips though if it's below 50 degrees or so. That's some nasty stuff to handle and rather than mix it with water (although I suppose you could) I'd adjust the application rate to where I was getting 50-60 units of N per acre which is always the rate of application that I shoot for on Nitrogen. How many gallons do you have? One other thing you may or may not know is if you put liquid N on grazing land, you'll need to keep the cows off it for a week so that the N has time to be assimilated into the soil and plants. Concentrated Nitrogen is highly toxic to cows.
Has anyone ever tried to knife it into a hay field? I was planing to build a tool bar with knives spaced a 7 inches and cut 50 units into my hay field but I am worred it will burn the roots.
I've never knifed it in but I fully expect the root burn would be very limited and temporary just like the top burn is when you apply it over the top.
How are y'all applying it over the top? Are you uesing a standard sprayer with fan tips at about 10 to 15 gal. to the acre?
Lets see? It it is 12 pounds to the Gal. and I spray 10 gal that is 120 pounds to the acre that is 38.4 units to the acre/
If 12 pounds to the gal at 15 gal to the acre that is 180 pounds or 57.6 units.

how many units per acre are you putting of hay or pasture?
How soon after do you need a rain before it is gone?

Thank y'all

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