3 in 1's

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What is a good price for Charolais 3 in 1's. The cows are 3 years old and weigh 1100lbs. The calves at side are 250-300lbs. I am about to try and sell 80 pairs like this.
Reg or Commercial Cattle first off?
Are the calves Char crosses or FullBlood?
What are the cows bred back too?
Average length of breeding on all 80?
Will they be Vet checked and guarrented bred?
There are alot of variables to consider!!!!!!
Where are you located? I guess you will be selling them by PT, or in the ring and PO them if they don't bring enough?
Without any answers to TEdwards' questions, I'd say $1500 would be a good place to start.
Young white cows with 300 pound babies supposedly brought 2100 at tri state livestock in Missouri last week. (1600 pound cows)

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