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Well from my experiences from cross breeding Angus, Simmental and Hereford cattle my results are as follows. Angus x Hereford = moderate cows, Angus x Simmental = large cows, and Simmental x Hereford somewhere between the two. My baldie x bred cows are my smallest cows and the Simmental are the biggest followed closely by the Angus. The Simmental x cows wean the biggest calves, the Hereford and Angus x calves seem to wean about the same. It's hard to beat a SimAngus if you have the feed. IMO I'm still searching for what I feel is the best cross bred cattle for my area.
ALACOWMAN":2ubufjyb said:
Hope to find out, I'm crossing my OCC's to Hereford...

That should make for some real nice BWF calves. Have had several calves out of different Angus bulls and Hereford and BWF cows, the resulting calves have always been pretty good. Have had a few calves from the reciprocal cross of Angus cows and Hereford bull, those have been just as good.
With my crossbred cows, to purebred bulls, and then comparing their calves to the calves I have that are linebred, I can say that I haven't seen this wonderful heterosis thing actually make a heavier calf.. I'm wondering if the lack of linebreeding on foundation stock is part of this reason.. Hit and miss everywhere..

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