11 million more citizens

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Jun 10, 2017
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Southeast Illinois
Interesting, you should write mystery novels or movie scripts.
How many people die and are never declared dead by family or estates?
Only a handful of occurrences and not enough to make a difference.
You think I'm smart enough to make this up? This happens. Every day. Thousands of homeless on the streets of Chicago, not to mention all across the country. I wouldn't have posted it if I didn't know for sure that it happens. You can choose to believe it or not. Apparently there's enough going on for illegals two states away to find out and go get it.

I'm not a CT expert on anything, lord knows there are quite a few on here, some legit, some just mouthy. I don't speak out of turn on the internet or in person.

Not enough to make a difference? What level of government corruption is insignificant enough to not make a difference? If this level of corruption is going on in something so insignificant, what level is happening with the big stuff?

Son of Butch

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Aug 30, 2010
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200 plus years ago, we had an entire country to populate. The people that came, came to build. We're pretty well covered in folks now, and many come to absorb. This letting everybody in has to stop. Yes, we are a country of immigrants, but how many more people do we think we can take care of???????
hmmm .... good question - with everyone dropping dead from covid
and 2nd hand smoke - I would say a maximum of 2.2 million per year

Legal immigration into the USA over the last 10 yrs has averaged 1.1 million per yr.

1941-1945 were the 5 lowest years since 1845 averaging 34,000 per year
the 5 highest years of legal immigration
1991 1.8 million
1990 1.5
2006 1.3
1907 1.3
1914 1.2 million
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